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About Swe-TRIBE

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Swedish Translational Research in Breast Cancer (Swe-TRIBE) is a group of translational researchers all working within the field of breast cancer.

The group is and have been funded by the Swedish Cancer Society since the group started in 1977 with Bo Nordenskjöld as the Chairman and from 1992 until 2013 Mårten Fernö was Chairman of the group. The goals have been to enable networking between researchers, collaborative translational projects, quality assurance studies of breast cancer biomarkers as well as to organize open meetings on a regular basis.

In the new organization, with strong presence of both preclinical as well as clinical researchers our vision is too reach out to researchers in Sweden with special interest in translational breast cancer research to enrich translational breast cancer research in Sweden.

Swe-TRIBE will arrange annual workshops with focus on translational research. PhD students, Post Docs as well as and supervisors are warmly welcome being very important participants at the workshop to create a fruitful environment. Please see the next workshop planned under "Mårten Fernö Breast Cancer Workshop".

The Swe-TRIBE group members are:
Linda Lindström (Chairman) and Sophia Zackrisson (Chairman)

Basic research:
Kamila Czene, PhD, KI
Mårten Fernö, PhD, Lund
Linda Lindström, PhD, KI
Olle Stål, PhD, Linköping

Edward Azavedo, MD PhD, KI
Sophia Zackrisson, MD PhD, Lund

Thomas Hatschek, MD PhD, KI
Anna-Maria Larsson MD PhD, Lund
Barbro Linderholm, KI, MD PhD, Göteborg

Johan Hartman, MD PhD, KI
Anna Bodén, MD, PhD-student, Linköping

Malin Sund, MD PhD, Umeå
Fredrik Wärnberg, MD PhD, Uppsala

Eva Prahl and Anna Hwasser, Lund

Webmaster: Linda.Lindstrom@SweTribe.se