Swedish Translational Research in Breast Cancer.

The Mini-Fernö Virtual Breast Cancer Symposia 2023

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Swedish Translational Research in Breast Cancer (Swe-TRIBE) is a group of translational researchers all working within the field of breast cancer.

The group is and have been funded by the Swedish Cancer Society since the group started in 1977 with Bo Nordenskjöld as the Chairman and from 1992 until 2013 Mårten Fernö was Chairman of the group. The goals have been to enable networking between researchers, collaborative translational projects, quality assurance studies of breast cancer biomarkers as well as to organize open meetings on a regular basis.

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Basic research:



Karin Leandersson, Lund – karin.leandersson@med.lu.se




The Mini-Fernö Virtual Breast Cancer Symposia 2021

With keynote speakers and abstract presentations


The Swedish Breast Cancer Association and the Swedish Cancer Society



The basic motive of my research combines experience in mathematics/ biostatistics and genetic epidemiology with an insight into the clinically relevant questions with potential impact on breast cancer patient management and survival. My main scientific interest is in understanding the specific host and tumor characteristics required throughout tumor progression enabling the primary tumor to gain early or late metastatic capacity, in the end responsible for virtually all cancer-related death.

– Linda Lindström

Zackrisson has initiated several clinical and epidemiological studies within breast cancer imaging, with the most important achievements as PI of the Malmö Breast Tomosynthesis Screening Trial, MBTST. The MBTST is a prospective, population-based screening trial of 15,000 women, set to investigate the use of digital breast tomosynthesis in screening. Applications of artificial intelligence in screening, mechanical and optical imaging of the breast are areas of the group’s current investigations. Metastatic disease and colorectal cancer are other areas of interest.

– Sophia Zackrisson

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